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—Albert Einstein

Erik Nyström's personal site

This is the personal web site of Erik Nyström. It has been brewing since 1998 but now it's more of a place holder for my interwebs domain.

It's mostly validated HTML and light on the graphics. You can access this site from an old computer and you won't have to wait an eon for any of the pages to load.

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About Erik Nyström

Computer enthusiast from northen Sweden who is currently working at the IT deparment of the Galactic Empire, directly under Darth Sidious. In contrast to Linus Walleij I was not fired by Palpatine due to lack of work.

Involved in lot of free software and open-source projects. Written lots of code.

Feel free to contact me. Send your mail to my first name at this domain.

Photo of me taken in the summer of 2020 (5,9 MB JPEG).

The archive

Here are some things I host to guarantee that they won't disappear from the internet. If you own the content and is offended by this, please contact me.



NIBE Heating Curves

The typical user manual that comes with your NIBE heat pump will now days contain a oversimplified description of how to adjust the room temperature. For example, they assume that you have installed an indoor room sensor and only show you how to set the desired target temperature by setting the number of degrees in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Totally worthless.

If you are trying to find more advanced settings for your heating curve, you are simply referred to your installer.

Many installations, including my own, lack indoor room sensors and are controlled solely by a sensor located outdoors. There are several reasons why this is sometimes a better solution, but I'll leave it at this point and focus on the heating curves.

Heating Curve Charts

Here you can download two different heating curve charts that I've created. One with the typical range of a normal house in northen Sweden and a bigger one with much more combinations (if you have floor heating for example).